Mobile app for people who love plants and want to know everything about them

UX project
Tools: Figma
Client project
Let it Bloom app connects plant-lovers, identifies plants and makes recommendations based on your location and personal preferences.

About the Let it Bloom

Let it Bloom
App overview
Our Starting Point
Client pain points
and needs
An existing app design
Client’s vision
An app with an easy to navigate user experience that has all the vital information on plants in one place
A platform which provides a place for local nurseries to market their services and thrive
Connects plant lovers
Provides tailored recommendations
Customer retention
Connecting a minimum of 100 local nurseries per country
Keeping the app free forever for the plant growers
Monthly subscription for nurseries
Pain Points
Users find it hard to navigate the app and understand how to use it
App doesn’t put in the forefront the main features (doesn’t correspond to the research findings)
The app has no personality and clear outline of its functions
Nurseries don’t get the exposure they are promised
An app that is intuitive and easy to use
Focus on features most needed by the majority of users
All major functions accessible from home page
Increase the connection points between users and nurseries
User research
Users are less likely to buy plants online, however they are very interested in the prices.
Most valuable and sought after features: recommendations for plants, identification of plants and pests, price comparisons and connection to a community of like-minded gardening enthusiasts.
Features that were down-voted – providing demos of how the plant will look in your home now and in a few years.
plants, pests and diseases
to a like-minded community
of growers
your plants in folders
on prices in local nurseries
database of more
than 50000 plant species
plants based on climatic
conditions, soil and topography
local nurseries
We conducted a survey and interviews in Israel with 227 participants
Client conducted research in Switzerland, Turkey, UK and France.
User survey
Competitors’ Apps
How is our app different?
What we improved on
Provides price comparisons
Showcases local nurseries
Specially tailors plant recommendations based on the user’s climatic condition, soil and topography
Simplified user flows and visual language
Added filters for groups and subjects to the community
Easy organisation of plants in lists and folders
Main persona
Secondary persona
Reminders for plant care.
Accessible information on all plants she owns or wants, especially info on toxicity.
Recommendations on what to buy, based on her environmental conditions.
Forgets to water the plants.
Overwaters her plants.
Fears to buy plants if she doesn’t know 100% that they are not toxic to humans or pets.
Doesn’t have time to roam the internet for information about the plants she has or wants.
Young mother to a baby and a dog. Loves the little spice farm she built on the balcony. Derives lots of pleasure from seeing her plants bloom. Feels a bit overwhelmed at times because of work and the baby, which leads to her ignoring the plants.
Pain points
Name: May
Age: 31
Job: Secretary
Married + 1
Income: slightly above average
Tech savvy
Location: Israel
Description: Casual plant grower
An accessible community of plant-lovers from climatic conditions similar to his.
Easily available price comparisons.
Nursery ratings and reviews.
Recommendations on what plants will grow best in his garden.
Needs to constantly ask neighbors how they get their plants to grow so well.
Wastes a lot of time on the internet looking for the most reliable nurseries to get his plants.
Never knows how much money he will spend if he goes to a nursery.
Gadi has long been a gardening enthusiast. He loves his garden and invests a lot of money and energy into it. He knows how to take good care of his plants, but he notices that some neighbors have the same plants that grow much better. He hopes to get access to information which will help him improve his garden.
Pain points
Name: Gadi
Age: 62
Job: Secretary
Married + 3
Income: slightly above average
Tech savvy
Location: Israel
Description: Casual plant grower
Before our research
After our research
The app focused on community, online shopping and providing plant demos.
The app focuses on recommendations, identification, community and price comparisons.
Our project principles
Before & After
Our solution:
All the sought-after features are one click away:
Adding a plant to your library
Your library
Price comparisons
Users saw community posts upon entering the app
They couldn’t access their saved plants quickly
Most liked features like recommendations and price comparisons took too much effort to access
Easy visual and literal language
Core features at the forefront
user flows
Site map
add a plant or folder
flow pages
First entry
into community
Receive reminders
directly to the phone
Usability testing
Client’s Reaction
The responses were very good, the subjects quickly and easily found the processes and pages they needed from us. In addition, it emerged that even a user whose English is weak was able to find his way around app relatively easily and perform the necessary actions.
Example - the photo history screen. It originally appeared on a different screen than the final product, where we as features thought it made sense to put it. But in the research the users did not know how to find it there.
The client loved the app, especially how easy and accessible the main features were. The simplicity really made her smile.
Client asked to add a wishlist
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